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Struggling With A Too-Hirsute Face, Chest, Or Back? What Are Your Man-Friendly Removal Options?

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If you're a male looking for ways to become just a little less furry, you may feel neglected by the hair removal industry. Most hair products targeted to men are designed to regrow hair, not remove it—and the hair removal products on the market for women may just not be suited to a man's specific needs. Fortunately, there is now an effort to fill in this market gap. Read on to learn more about the differences between hair-removal products targeted to women and those targeted to men, as well as what you should look for when seeking to remove a section of body hair.

Why are male hair-removal products and treatments different from female products?

It's generally not a good idea for men to use hair-removal products intended for women, as there are specific biological differences between male and female skin. Male skin tends to have larger pores, be oilier, and have more coarse hair than female skin. Products intended for females may, at best, be ineffective on men -- and, at worst, cause a rash or other skin irritation from additives intended to minimize the wear and tear on sensitive female skin.

What are your best options for quick and easy removal of unwanted body hair?

There are now several male-only formulations of popular female hair-removal products. Any of these should provide you with satisfactory and relatively long-lasting results.

  • Laser removal

This is the most permanent type of hair removal available. During this procedure, a technician will hold a laser applicator to the base of each hair you'd like removed. The light pulse emitted from the laser kills your hair at the root, preventing regrowth. Laser hair removal is most effective on men, as their body hair has thicker roots than female body hair, diminishing the odds of spontaneous regrowth when the follicle recovers. (For more information, contact The De Pieri Clinic).

  • Waxing

You can opt for a professional waxing at a salon, or instead purchase a do-it-yourself waxing kit at a drugstore. When targeted to men, these kits include a stronger type of wax (as male hair is thicker and more embedded in the follicle than female hair), and may even contain a larger quantity of wax for use on larger body areas. Be sure to purchase a mild antibiotic creme to use on the waxed area for the day or two following the procedure, as the raw skin may be more susceptible to infection.

  • Depilatories

One of the most popular shave-free ways for women to remove hair is now available for men, as well. Male depilatories include a stronger mix of the chemicals that kill your hair at the root. By smoothing on this creme, leaving it on for a few minutes, and then rinsing clean, you can be hair-free for a much longer time than achieved by shaving alone. Be sure to test the creme on a small patch of skin before you apply it to a larger area to watch for any rash or other skin reaction.