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The Best Steps To Take To Achieve Flawless Brows At Home

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Do you want to have better brows? If your eyebrows are long, thick, and even a bit wild, you may want to tame them a bit by waxing them to remove some of the excess hair. There is a way to carefully wax those brows at home to get them to look flawless.

Choose the Wax You Want to Use

Both soft wax and hard wax are options you can use on your face when you are waxing your brows to get them to look neatly arched. If you are going to use soft wax, you will need to purchase strips to help with the removal of the wax. You would apply the wax to the section of the skin where you are wanting to remove the hair and then you would press the strip down in place before peeling it back to remove those hairs. However, if you decide to use hard wax, you can simply pull the wax off itself and the hairs that have been removed will be stuck to it.

Cleanse the Face

If you are going to wax your eyebrows, you should always do so on a clean face. If you have any makeup on, be sure to remove it with a makeup removing solution and then wash your face with a mild cleanser, patting it dry before you get started.

Use an Eyebrow Stencil

If it is the first time you have ever waxed your eyebrows, you might want to play it safe by using an eyebrow stencil. Different stencils are available with tons of different eyebrow shapes on them, so pick the shape that fits best with your facial features and then stick the stencil on top of your eyebrows when applying the wax to ensure that each of your brows will look good when you have pulled the wax right off.

Apply Oil to the Skin

After you have pulled the wax off, your skin may be slightly red and irritated. Apply an oil blend consisting of 10 drops of lavender oil and 10 drops of almond oil to the areas of the face where you have just removed the unwanted hair. The oil blend will soothe that irritation while getting the redness to subside at a quick pace.

You can start waxing your own brows at home with the right wax, some eyebrow stencils, and an oil blend that helps with irritation. Once you get the hang of doing the eyebrow waxing at home, you may no longer even need to use the stencil.