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The Advantages Of Using A Tinted Sunscreen

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Wearing sunscreen is important. Not only does sunscreen help reduce your risk of developing skin cancer as you age, but it also helps protect against age spots and premature aging. But once you decide you want to wear sunscreen regularly, you then have to decide on a sunscreen! This is harder than you might think, being that there are thousands of sunscreens on the market. Should you come across a tinted sunscreen, though, that's the one you want to buy — at least for facial use. Here's why.

You won't have to also wear foundation.

If you're like many people, you already layer quite a few products on your face in the morning. You might use a moisturizer, which is certainly a good idea for healthy skin, along with foundation makeup and maybe a few serums. If you buy tinted sunscreen, though, you can eliminate the foundation from your routine, leaving you one less product to layer on. This will save you time, and it will also keep your face from feeling quite so weighed down with product all day.

You'll have a more natural look.

While foundation covers your skin imperfections, it can also start to look heavy and cakey, or in other words, unnatural. When you use a tinted sunscreen, you get a lighter, more natural coverage. Your blemishes and uneven spots won't be nearly as obvious, but your skin will still look like your natural skin. Over time, as you continue using the tinted sunscreen, your skin tone is likely to even out due to reduced sun exposure. With tinted sunscreen, you get a better look today and tomorrow.

You won't have to worry about white cast.

White cast is a big concern with traditional sunscreens. This is when you get a frosted, white, powdery look on certain parts of your face after the sunscreen sits. It's basically from the minerals in the sunscreen. With tinted sunscreen, you do not have to worry about white cast. The sunscreen contains these same minerals, but the tint in the product keeps them from standing out. You may get a bit of a tan or skin-colored powder accumulating on parts of your face after many hours of wear, but this is much less obvious than a white cast.

If you do find tinted sunscreen in your beauty supply store, definitely pick it up. It's a great product that will simplify your routine and preserve your look. For more information, reach out to a tinted sunscreen supplier, like Skin Elite.