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How And When To Use Oxygen Healing Gel For Pets

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If you visit a pet store and wander over to the first aid supply aisle, then you may discover a product called oxygen healing gel. These topical products are becoming more popular in recent years. Vets often recommend them, and many pet owners like to keep them on-hand at home. But when and how do you use oxygen healing gel? Here's a look.

When to Use Oxygen Healing Gel

Oxygen healing gel can be used on basically any wound or irritation that isn't serious enough to need a vet's care. If your dog comes in with a little scrape on their paw, for example, you can use the gel. If your cat develops a hot spot from licking her belly too much, you can use the healing gel. The gel is also helpful for mild sunburns, insect bites, and mild skin allergies.

You can also use oxygen healing gel on more serious wounds, but only with the vet's permission. Oxygen healing gel is not a substitute for vet care when your pet sustains a larger incision or a more serious wound. Your pet may need antibiotics or stitches for these wounds. Applying oxygen healing gel can help the wound heal faster and more completely, but it's important to check with the vet first.

How to Use Oxygen Healing Gel

To use oxygen healing gel, you basically just wipe a small amount of the gel over your pet's wound or irritated skin. You can use your hands to apply the gel, but make sure you wash them first to avoid contaminating the wound. Or, just reach for a piece of gauze, and use it to swab the gel across the wound. 

In most cases, you'll want to apply the gel twice a day. If you notice your pet has been licking the gel off, you may want to put a cone on their head to keep them from licking. In some cases, you may want to cover the treated wound with a bandage or rolled gauze to keep your pet from licking it. Just make sure you do not wrap the area too tightly. You should be able to stick a finger between the wrap and your pet's skin.

Oxygen healing gel is a good product to keep on-hand if you have a pet. You can use it for many different types of skin problems and wounds, and it's easy to apply.

For more information on oxygen healing gel for animals, contact a company near you.